AbiTask is a system

that answers 2 questions:

  1. What famous person you are similar to:
  2. What new tasks/professions you might enjoy:

To answer these 2 questions please take our Personality tests

If you want to watch our development process you can do it here 

More facts about our system

AbiTask -  means - "Abilities for Tasks". 

Presentation with English subtitles (and Russian sound)

What is the difference between our model and other similar theories


There are two kinds of entities in the system:

  • peoples and characters 
  • tasks and professions.

Every person gets P-card which is formal descriptions of his/her personal features/abilities.

Our customers get P-card after testing

Historical characters get P-card from our experts

Every profession (task) gets its T-card which is formal description of abilities needed to be successful at this task

We compare your P-card with T-cards of tasks and show profession matching you best

We compare your P-card with Pcards of characters and show characters similar to you  most